Facebook and Instagram Down: Thousands of users are reporting being locked out of their accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Issue Emergence:  Over 50,000 reports flooded online platforms around 3 PM regarding access issues on Facebook and Instagram.

User Complaints:  More than 30% of users faced login issues, 36% encountered app malfunctions, and 33% reported website glitches.

Account Lockouts: Users found themselves locked out of their accounts, encountering errors while attempting to reset passwords or regain access.

Instagram Affected: Instagram users, also under Meta's umbrella, experienced similar login difficulties.

Widespread Reports: DownDetector recorded 51,000 reports online following the outage, but the reason behind the downtime remains unknown.

User Frustration:  Frustration mounted as users struggled to regain access to their social media profiles.

Meta's Response: Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is yet to provide an explanation for the outage.

Impact on Users: The outage left users unable to engage with their social networks, prompting concerns and inquiries.

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