Meet Rebecca Ferguson: Rebecca Ferguson bravely confronts bullying by a co-star, emphasizing self-respect and professionalism in the industry.

Confronting Unprofessionalism: Ferguson shows resilience by rejecting collaboration with a co-star who exhibited unprofessional conduct, standing firm against on-set yelling.

Standing Firm: Despite feeling scared and intimidated, Ferguson called out the unacceptable behavior, demanding respect and professionalism in the workplace.

Seeking Support: Ferguson bravely sought directorial support amid adversity, advocating for a work environment characterized by respect and inclusivity for everyone involved.

Empowering Others: Ferguson's courage to address bullying behavior sets an example for others, encouraging individuals to speak up and confront mistreatment in any professional setting.

Reflecting on Growth: Ferguson reflects on her journey towards self-confidence and assertiveness, emphasizing the importance of standing up for oneself in the face of adversity.

Maintaining Professionalism: Ferguson's refusal to tolerate mistreatment underscores the need for accountability and professionalism in the entertainment industry.

Support from Colleagues: Dwayne Johnson and peers laud Ferguson's bravery in addressing bullying, underscoring the significance of unity and encouragement within the industry.

Inspiring Change:  Ferguson's story inspires a call for change, advocating for a culture of respect, inclusivity, and professionalism on film sets and beyond.